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Certified Online Advanced Diplomas

Entry requirements

The course is open to all regardless of previous educational experience, although prior study at BSc. level is recommended.

Course structure

6 modules (research question & design, ethics application, recruiting & consenting candidates, data collection, confidentiality & analysis and results dissemination & publishing, as well as 2 special advanced modules) and 1 case study.

Learning resources

All provided as part of the learning package. Further materials can be provided upon request.




2-part online assessment per module. Two re-sits are allowed per assessment.

Certification & Diploma

A certificate of 40-60 CPD points is provided at the completion of every module. An advanced diploma certificate is issued when all 6 modules and case study are successfully completed.

Certified Online Advanced Diploma :  Ethical practice in clinical research
This online training advanced diploma offered by Halbert Education & Training, and written by UK academics, is aimed at those interested in ethical practice in clinical research. This advanced diploma assumes good knowledge in the subject by the applying candidate. The online delivery method allows materials to be taken at a pace defined by the candidate towards achieving an advanced diploma approved by the Publication Integrity & Ethics (π) and continuous professional development (CPD) of 320 points for undergraduates, postgraduates and all professionals. Areas including data manipulation, data storage, breach of data confidentiality, unethical analysis, research misconduct, what to include in an ethics application, consent forms, study design, research protocol, setting up a study, abstract submission, poster presentation, oral communication and journal selection will be discussed as part of this advanced diploma along with up-to-date case studies and procedures in case of breach of code of ethics.
Aims of the advanced diploma
To improve knowledge and understanding of the basis of ethical practice in clinical research.
To understand how ethical practice in clinical research of individuals and organisations has developed.
To appreciate the scope of ethical practice in clinical research in relation to academia and science.
To evaluate the impact of a "misconduct" in clinical research.
To recognise the "special considerations" that arises in relation to clinical research.
To support the candidates' abilities as independent learners.
The Publication Integrity & Ethics Sub-Committee of Education has approved this training diploma (approval code UKHA0348) and granted 320 CPD points.
The P.I.E.'s Sub-Committee of Education monitors the advanced diploma regularly, including the candidates' feedback.
Target audience
The educational opportunities in this course provide a tailored learning experience targeted at the diverse needs and interests of individuals with Health sciences background, especially Doctors (medics, including: interns, residents, trainees, physicians, surgeons, general practitioners and consultants), Dentists and Pharmacists.

We support flexible approaches with the understanding that many of our candidates have work and family commitments. All you require is a commitment of around 5 hours per week (for 60 weeks) and an appropriate access to a networked computer.
Advanced diploma format
The format of this full online advanced diploma includes: 6 modules and 1 case study
Each advanced diploma module is composed of:
> Pre-module exercise (to test your knowledge and gives you an insight into the subject).
> Module materials (case study, introduction and history, literature review and renowned cases).
> Pre-assessment exercises (to test and consolidate your knowledge prior to the assessment).
> Module assessment (2-part online assessment, 20 questions).
> Feedback and certification (the certificate is issued when the online assessment is passed and feedback on the module is given).
Adavanced diploma Content
The advanced diploma materials are downloadable and written in English (UK). The exercises, assessment and certification of every module are easily accessed online and compatible with the commonly used browsers.

This online distance learning advanced diploma integrates the various issues related to ethical practice in clinical research in health sciences. Candidates will have access to first-rate resources and become part of a helpful online community. Dedicated technical and academic support is available throughout your study from our e-learning specialists. Tutor support will be provided.
Assessment and certification
The assessment of every module is 2-part and in MCQ format. The questions are developed to ensure advanced (not basic) understanding of the subject. When attempted and passed, then the module is completed and the certificate can be issued. Two re-sits are allowed for every module assessment. If the candidate fails the two re-sits, access to the advanced diploma will be terminated. Appeals are allowed.

A certificate will be provided after the completion of every module, as follows:
Module 1: Research question & design (60 CPD points)
Module 2: Ethics application, recruiting & consenting candidates (60 CPD points)
Module 3: Data collection, confidentiality & analysis (60 CPD points)
Module 4: Results dissemination & publishing (60 CPD points)
Module 5: Special module (40 CPD points)
Module 6: Special module (40 CPD points)

When the candidate successfully completes all 6 modules, he/she will be required to write 8000 words case study related to the subject of the advanced diploma. Comprehensive instructions and tutor support will be provided at that stage. Successful completion of the case study will result in granting the advanced diploma degree.
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