Duties of Author

Who are the authors? Authors are the main actors in the editorial activity as they are the creators of the texts being published within the pages of journals. Every author knows there are implications and responsibilities that cannot be separated from the writing activity. There‚Äôs a certain amount of power and influence behind written words… Continue reading Duties of Author

Duties of Reviewer

What is a peer reviewer? Usually, science and biomedical manuscripts are examined by specialistsbefore being released to the public. They are the critical minds that read the manuscripts and suggest that it should be accepted, rejected or submitted for further revisions in order to be published in academic journals. These third-party readers are called peer-reviewers.… Continue reading Duties of Reviewer

Duties of Editor

Whether the publisher assumes editing responsibilities or not, they are usually the main duties of the editor-in-chief. He or she oversees the editing procedures and controls the authenticity, quality, language and aesthetics of the content being published within the pages of the journal they manage. Based on various grounds, the editor-in-chief approves or rejects the… Continue reading Duties of Editor

Duties of Publisher

The publisher of a journal is ultimately responsible for the ethical conduct of the editorial team as they have the ability to take action whenever it is required in order to maintain the standards of best practice. At first, the publisher defines the main doctrine, what the journal is about and makes sure that it… Continue reading Duties of Publisher