Excerpt from the P.I.E. Guidelines for E.B. Members 1

Editors are the custodians of the publishing world. They hold an exclusive position, enabling them to ensure that the integrity of ethical value is upheld in full and without compromise. As such, all editorial board members should take their responsibilities seriously and act with due consideration, submitting all documents or articles to meticulous scrutiny before sanctioning any written work for publication.

Editorial work is a consistent effort that requires teamwork with both publishers and authors. Only through fostering strict ethical guidelines can a comprehensive level of conduct be maintained across all branches of publishing.

It is impractical to expect a definitive set of principles for all editorial staff in one document;the editorial world is nuanced, vast, and constantly changing. Therefore one of the most essential requirements of all editorial staff is to keep up to date with relevant issues as they arise, using the PIE guidelines as a foundation and informing other staff of new findings.

It is not only the understanding of PIE Guidelines which will help to uphold standards of ethical conduct, but the compliance of editorial staff towards them. Therefore editors and editorial board members are advised to register with PIE, and furthermore encourage their fellow editorial staff members to follow the same practice.


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