Excerpt from the P.I.E. Guidelines for E.B. Members

•    Editorial staff should adhere to a strict code of conduct, aiming to provide accurate, reputable, and original publications that meet all current legislation and quality standards.

•    Possible conflicts of interest regarding the authors, reviewers, and team members should be scrutinised, making sure printed material is free from bias whether it be financial, political, ideological, or otherwise.

•    Editorial board members should never proffer manipulated or false data in order to consciously mislead the reader.

•    The ethical integrity of the publishing industry is a key responsibility of all editorial board members.

•    Clear guidelines should be issued to authors and peer reviewers upon expected standards of conduct.

•    Confidentiality is a vital aspect of ethical conduct; no information deemed private should ever be shared with anyone outside of the editorial team without the necessary authority and clearance.

•    Complaints, criticisms, and calls for amendment should be dealt with immediately and according to set guidelines. Disputes can be forwarded to the PIE for arbitration, where any matters can often be resolved to the contentment of both parties.


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