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Abdulsalam A. Zwiad Al-kinani
Associate Prof. , B.D.S , FIHTS, Hi. Diplo , M.Sc. prosthodontic,
Current work : Dean , College of Dentistry , British University in Sana`a–Yemen.
Assistant prof. in Prosthodontics. / College of Dentistry / Bagh. Univ. - Iraq.

· Bachelor degree in Dentistry B.D.S ( 5 years) / College of Dentistry/ Baghdad University.
· High. Diploma Degree prosthodontics ( 12 months) /Baghdad University.
· Master Degree M.Sc., Prosthodontics (24 months) /Baghdad University . The title of the thesis: "Occlusal accuracy of casts made of selected impression materials and articulated by different methods".
· Specialty certificate of the Iraqi Dental Association.

Academic positions additional to task of teaching, prosthodontics and dental materials

· Coordinator of prosthodontics department 2000-2003 Baghdad College of dentistry /Iraq.
· Member of Editorial board of the journal of the college of dentistry Baghdad –Iraq 1999-2003.
· Dean Assistant for students affairs – College of dentistry – Baghdad university 1997- 1999
· Chairman Prosthodontics Department -Thamar University- College of Dentistry/Yemen 2004-2005.
· Vice Dean, College of Dentistry /Thamar University 2004-2005.
· Dean, College of Dentistry –Thamar University 2005- 2011.,
· Dean , Faculty of Medical Sciences – Queen Arwa University 2011- 2012.

· Iraq Dental Association.
· Iraqi Hard Tissue Society.
· American Prosthodontic Society.
· American Dental Association ( affiliate ).
· Hard Tissue Society.

Teaching Experiences
· Teaching Prosthodontics and Dental Materials.
· Teaching Dental Anatomy & Occlusion"Tooth carving" .
· Experiences in Laboratories of the prosthetic dentistry.

Scientific Activities
· Certificate presented for participation in theWorkshop on "utilization of modern dental equipments "/Arabic union for scientific research 1993.
· Certificate presented for participation in a Course of Teaching Methods "Bagh. Univ.1997 .
· Certificate presented for participation in Workshop on “medical students assessment and education” WHO Aden/Yemen 1998- .
· Certificate presented for participation in the scientific course of Tilox implant system / Dentauram Co. 2002.
· Member of editorial board of the Journal of the College of Dentistry Bagh. – Iraq 1999-2003.
· Member of editorial board of the Scie. Researches. J. Thamar univ. 2006-2011.
· Medal presented from Alswiess College of dentistry - Egypt Feb. 2006.
· Patch of the Faculty of dentistry –Preventive department Malaya University April 2007.
· Medal presented from the college of dentistry- Aden University – Yemen Oct. 2007.
· Medal presented from the college of dentistry- Sanaa University – Yemen Nov. 2013
· Certificate -online course for the Society of Color and Appearance in dentistry Nov.- 2013.
· A various certificates of appreciation, presented from Students Social, sports etc …activities inside the University.
· Reviewer for publications of several dental manuscripts .
· Member of several scientific academic committees .

Dental Conferences
- The dental conferences of the College of dentistry – Baghdad University 1990- 2003.
- Annual dental conferences of the College of dentistry – Baghdad University 1990- 2003.
- Annual Conferences of Iraqi Dental Association Baghdad-1996- 2003.
- FIMA 8th International Medical Conference Sana'a /Yemen- 2005.
- The 6th Italian- Yemenis Medical Conference Thamar – Yemen March/2006.
- International Cuba – Yemen Scientific conference Sana'a – Yemen Dec.,2006 .
- Work shop about Education leadership skills Mastery school- Netherlands with coordination of ministry of Higher education in Yemen 18-22 Aug. 2007 .
- The 31st Annual Conference of the European Prosthodontic Association Athen-Greece Oct. 11-13 2007.
- The 1st Conference of the Faculty of medicine and health sciences / Univ. of Aden , 20 -22 Nov. 2007.
- Workshop of leadership skills Unisco dept. in Yemen & Thamar University 2008.
- Annual invitation for table clinic`s presentation in the American Prosthodontic Society.
- Adec international dental conference Dubai- UAE March- 2010.
- Work-shop for evaluation and developing the academic programs of the Yemenis universities. April 2010.
- Work-shop of academic development British Consul – April – 2010 .
- First Conference of the faculty of Pharmacy – Aden University Oct. 2010 .
- Work-shop- the development and in dentistry and pharmacy curriculum WHO& Aden Univ., Jan-2011.
- International 1st Dental conference of Sanaa university – Yemen Nov. 2013.
- International 2nd Dental conference of Aden university- Yemen Dec. 2013.

Researches and publications

1- Assessment of residual monomer in heat cured acrylic denture base , cured by Ivomat I.D.J, vol:22,1998.
2- Location of occlusal contacts in a morphological sound occlusion I.D.J, vol:23,1998.
3- Indigenous book in Arabic language talk about the surprise creative of God in the Oral cavity , edi. National house publication, Baghdad , Iraq 2000 & Al- Eylam Amaan – Jordon 2006.
4- A suggested method for fabrication of single tooth Removable partial denture , J.B.C.D, vol:9,2001.
5- Accuracy of occlusal contacts of casts made from selected impression materials and articulated by different methods J.B.C.D,vol:10 , 2 , 2001.
6- Clinical evaluation of habitually khat chewers by oral manifestations J.B.C.D, vol:10 , 2 , 2001.
7- Silicone Light body as a relining impression material for existing comp. denture , J.B.C.D ,vol:15 , 1, 2003.
8- Frequent intake of soft drinks and sugar via khat chewing hazard to teeth. Presented in FIMA 8th International Medical conference Sana`a 12th-14th June, 2005.
9- Indigenous book in Arabic language talk about dental public health Amaan – Jordon 2006.
10- Giant dentigerous cyst in a girl. “Case report” Cuban Dental J. 44 , 2 2007.
11- Facial wound caused by firearm: A case presentation , Cuban Dent. J. 44 , 2 2007.
12- Plant Extract as Alternative Drug for treating Kidney stone and Anti- dental Plaque (Iraqi Indigenous). Thamar university J Res. 2007.
13- The Probability of Bacterial Contamination and Transmission Through Prosthodontic and Radiographic Dental Practice 31st Annual Conference of the Eur. Prosthodo. Associ. Athen-Greece Oct. 11-13 2007.
14- Several dental assays have been published in the regional daily newspapers.
15- Effect of individual learning background on severity of teeth destructions E. D. J Vol. 55, 1:15 2009.
16- Probability of bacterial contamination and transmission through prosthodontic and radiographic dental practice J.B.C.D., Vol: 22,2 2010.
17- Reliability of silicone interocclusal record and articulating paper to estimate number and location of occlusal contacts Egypt. Dent. J. Vol. 56, No. 4, 2010.
18- Splint made from acrylic and circummandibular wires for treatment of mandible fracture Cuban Dent. J. 50, 2 2011.
19- Behavior of the maxillofacial fractures in the Maabar's University Hospital, in Yemen , Cuban Dent. J; 50, 2 2012
20 – Proposed technique for fabricating complete denture Clin.Innovation, Dent. Hypotheses J; 3, 4 2012.
21- Mandibular fractures management in pediatric patients in Yemen. Acta Odonto. Venzolana 51 ,1 2013
22- New Clinical Technique for Construction Immediate Partial Denture ( in vitro study). Dent. Hypotheses J , 4,4 .Dec, 2013.
23- Types of maxillofacial fractures and needs for prosthodontics treatments. (Indigenous Study ( Project ).
24- Clinical and labrotory study for chlorhexidine gloganate 0.2% mouth rinse and its effect in prevent bacterial growth in association with implant prosthesis accepted for publication Aden Dental Conference Dec, 2013 ( ready for publication).

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