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Professor Raja Kummoona, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England (FDSRCS), Emeritus Professor of Maxillofacial Surgery of Iraqi Board for Medical Specializations, Fellow Royal Society of Medicine, Research Fellow Royal college of Surgeons of England for the years (1975-1977), President of Iraqi Dental Society for the years (1977-1985), Registrar of Primary FDSRCS in Iraq for the years (1985-1990), the most distinguish professor of University of Baghdad for the years 1991-1992, one of 40 top scientist in Iraq awarded gold medal for 3 years 2000-2002 by presidential celebration, he had many publication and contribution to science by advocating many surgical procedures and research in cancer surgery and flap reconstruction, TMJ surgery and Maxillofacial injuries, Orbit tumors & injuries, missile war injuries of the face with advancing surgery of war injuries of the face worldwide with contribution in research in cancer. He is the founder of postgraduate studies in maxillofacial surgery in Iraq. Editor of Neck Dissection, Clinical Application and Recent Advances, Feb 2012, InTech, Editor, Surgical Reconstruction of the Temporo-Mandibulr Joint, 2013 Editor, Germany.

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