Month: January 2016

  • Junior doctors’ strike in the UK

    Junior doctors’ strike in the UK

    Jeremy Hunt, the UK Secretary of State for Health, has urged the junior doctors’ representatives to return to the negotiation table.  This followed the most successful “junior doctors’ strike” in the UK. Doctors are complaining about the working conditions especially the new junior doctors’ contract to be introduced by the government. The contract in its […]

  • Demand for rubber ‘threatens forests’

    Demand for rubber ‘threatens forests’

    According to a report, protected forests in Southeast Asia are being threatened due to increasing worldwide demand for rubber tyres. As swathes of tropical forests make way for rubber plantations, UK researchers say animal life, which is already, endangered, such as birds, bats and primates are at risk. According to Conservation Letters, it is estimated […]

  • Gene therapy: ‘Tame HIV’ used to cure disease

    Gene therapy: ‘Tame HIV’ used to cure disease

    A pioneering treatment to correct errors in DNA, has transformed the lives of six boys with a deadly genetic disease, doctors declare. For people suffering Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome (WAS), a defective immune system leaves people susceptible to infections and bleeding. A British and French study, published in JAMA, has used tamed HIV to correct the irregularities. […]