Month: June 2016

  • General P.I.E. Guidelines deliver flowers in toronto canada

    Publications are free to present or advocate their own views and opinions within their journals regarding any fact or event; however this must be done in the flower delivery toronto and the knowledge that relevant data will not be misrepresented or suppressed. In such cases, the flower toronto and the readers will be systematically informed […]

  • General P.I.E.Guidelines

    Any unconfirmed report or rumour should be identified as such and news, comments and other types of data should be presented honestly to the readers. In accordance with the agenda set out in the PIE guidelines for code of conduct, this should be done with due respect for the privacy of individuals. The personnel involved […]

  • General P.I.E. Guidelines

    Publications and the individuals involved in the publication process should collectively take reasonable steps and actions to ensure that all the reports are informative, fair, balanced and accurate. To this effect, they will not deliberately try to misinform their readers whether they are doing it by ordinance or omission. Whereupon no formal complaints or suspected […]

  • General P.I.E. Guidelines

    By asserting highest possible standards of ethical editorial conduct, PIE sets the benchmark in the publishing industry.  All individuals who are registered with PIE are expected to defer to the guidelines and formulate complaints against any other party that fail to follow and comply with the code. This in the mutual interest of all parties […]

  • General P.I.E. Guidelines

    With the established PIE Guidelines, the organisation plans to define and promote thebest practices in the ethics of publishing sector; the designated aim is to assist all the parties involved to achieve optimum standards by promoting best practice within the industry. This applies to personnel across the board, whether they are editors, authors, peer-reviewers, publishers […]