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  • Demand for rubber ‘threatens forests’

    Demand for rubber ‘threatens forests’

    According to a report, protected forests in Southeast Asia are being threatened due to increasing worldwide demand for rubber tyres. As swathes of tropical forests make way for rubber plantations, UK researchers say animal life, which is already, endangered, such as birds, bats and primates are at risk. According to Conservation Letters, it is estimated […]

  • Integrity in US media

    Integrity in US media

    Carl Sagan once said “The dumbing down of America is most evident in the slow decay of substantive content in the enormously influential media”, even going on to say it presented: “a kind of celebration of ignorance”. The problem is that much of what is presented in the mainstream US media today is short, bright […]

  • Stem cell breakthrough for Parkinson’s disease

    Stem cell breakthrough for Parkinson’s disease

    Swedish scientists from Lund University have found that stem cell treatment can be used to heal the damage in the brain caused by Parkinson’s disease. The disease, which affects body control and movement, is caused by loss of nerve cells which control the chemical dopamine – essential for these cognitive functions. Parkinson’s UK have come […]

  • Facebook’s psychological study: an ethical dilemma

    Facebook’s psychological study: an ethical dilemma

    In January 2012 the social media giant Facebook undertook what can only be called a research experiment on 700,000 of its users. The company decided to strategically skew what these users could see when they logged into their personal profiles. Half of these individuals were confronted by content which had been proven to have happy […]