Climate change: an urgent need to act

Climate change has become a global issue and residents of countries across the world are beginning to stand up and voice their opinions on perceived lack of action. The constant back and forth between world superpowers over the issue turned it in to a problem that many governments are too willing to place far down their list of priorities.

The problem
Global warming is happening because carbon dioxide and other gases produced by humans are collecting in the atmosphere, causing the world to slowly heat up. The effects of the problem are already beginning to show, with world temperatures rising in the past 50 years at the quickest rates ever recorded. Issues caused by the problem are likely to affect our water resources, agricultural capabilities, energy supplies, transportation and ecosystems.

On the 21st of September 2014, in over 200 locations worldwide, thousands of people came out to protest at lack of global action, with a 310,000 strong rally in New York attended by UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon. These demonstrations wanted countries to cut carbon emissions, but the question is did any world leaders take notice? Will they make a change?

World leaders
Next year the United Nations will meet in Paris to discuss a plan for a global agreement on climate change. For the first time in 20 years it is expected that countries, including the worst offenders for carbon emissions, will make a binding legal agreement on how to make a change.

The problem that is expected to happen at the conference is that superpowers such as the USA, India and Russia will make unreasonable demands for emissions allowances. In preparation for this, Mr Moon tried to organise an informal discussion on the 26 September 2014, but many world leaders failed to attend. Are countries not taking the issue seriously enough? What are the best solutions to the problem? Will the Paris conference make a difference?

Taking action
In the end, it is in the hands of the people of the world to make sure their governments are taking it seriously. For instance, in the UK, voters must make sure that a dedication to climate change is in the winning party’s manifesto at the 2015 general election.

Climate change is not an impossible problem, there are technologies being developed all the time which will harness natural resources to create energy. Wind farming, solar power and hydroelectricity are underused; it is a global dedication to change which is needed to move away from fossil fuels.

Whether or not the Paris conference has a positive outcome, or leaves the worst culprits of carbon emission in a position to continue poisoning the earth remains to be seen.


5 responses to “Climate change: an urgent need to act”

  1. Sameh Kareem Avatar
    Sameh Kareem

    I am not sure about this subject. People have been talking about global warming over the last decade or so and although it is a problem but the effects of this is being exaggerated.

    1. Joe K. Avatar
      Joe K.

      I agree with Sameh on this one, I feel like we’re constantly being told of the terrible effects of climate change but never seem to be experiencing it. As far as I can tell the weather has remained mild year round, with the exception of the cold winter in 2010.

  2. Hopper Avatar

    I think you are both expecting to see something straight away, when in fact the process is slow. Huge chunks of ice are melting at the poles and if we don’t make a change to our lifestyle flooding will threaten our race’s own existence.

  3. Waseem Jerjes Avatar
    Waseem Jerjes

    Agreed, the short term thinkers and pessimists are not really looking at the evidence. We are killing our world slowly, even if we may not see the full force of climate change – our grandchildren, or their children, may well do. We have to think about the future.

  4. Carl Avatar

    We should be thinking about problems that are affecting us currently, not something that will happen in 100 years! You might think I’m short-sighted, but at the end of the day our ancestors didn’t really think about us – and we’re just fine.

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