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As an Editor-in-Chief Member you will play a central role in shaping the organisation; you will benefit from the many and varied facilities the P.I.E. organisation provides in the world of publishing and ethics. This includes its own guidelines and code of conduct for all membership categories, regular updates in the field, newsletters, e-learning with online exercises and access to our sub-committee’s database. The complaint’s section allows members and adherents to raise issues, regarding any possible breach in the code of ethics and integrity in the publishing sector. PIE provides advice and represents members and adherents freely; it aims to deal with complaints in an ethical manner and resolve them promptly.

As part of the commitment to being a member-led, UK-wide and World-wide organisation, PIE intends to identify regional leads to promote the society and ensure that it remains diffuse, responsive and reflects the publication integrity and ethics priorities across the UK and with a global outreach. Members are invited to take part in a shaping PIE by directly communicating with the P.I.E.’s council and other members with regards to the many issues related to this field; they may issue specific guidelines which can be communicated with other national and international organisations.

Our online member’s and adherent’s directory is a valuable asset and will allow communications and collaborations between authors, editors, publishers, scientists and a variety of academics in shaping and advancing  the world of publishing ethics in the service of humanity.

The membership application is required to be submitted and completed by the editor-in-chief, the corresponding senior editor or the senior managing editor of the journal’s publisher. Journals publishing peer-reviewed articles in the following disciplines are welcomed:
•    Agriculture Sciences
•    Arts and Humanities
•    Business, Economy and Management
•    Chemistry
•    Earth Sciences
•    Engineering
•    Environmental Sciences
•    Health Sciences
•    Information Technology
•    Law
•    Library and Information Sciences
•    Life Sciences (Agricultural & Biological Sciences)
•    Life Sciences (Basic Sciences)
•    Life Sciences (Biomedical Sciences)
•    Material Science and Metallurgy
•    Mathematical Sciences
•    Physics
•    Social Sciences
•    Telecommunications Technology

The journal’s editor must agree to:
- Adhere to the code of conduct of PIE and its guidelines   
- Accept the Council of Science Editors (CSE) Editorial Policy Statements that cover the responsibilities and rights of editors of peer-reviewed journals   
- Accept the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts (URM) Submitted to Biomedical Journals   
- Adopt the Ethical Rules of Disclosure of the Association for Medical Ethics (AME).

The assessment process takes 7 working days. In case of rejection, the journal’s editor will be provided with the queries of the Membership Sub-Committee. Re-submission is allowed after 8 weeks.

The Publication Integrity & Ethics Council


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