Ethics statement

The P.I.E.member/adherent confirms that he/she will only deals with journals with clear ethics statements. According to most of the ethics specialists, a moral behaviour may only be learned through close observation of the individuals or the actions one considers as being morally acceptable. Therefore, it is obvious why ethical conduct and personal integrity are two of the most important qualities for editors, publishers and members of the editorial board, as they are not only managers of their journals but also moral guides for all the authors, peer reviewers and other members of the editorial team who work under their supervision.

Like in any sector, ethics is best observed in the editorial environment through its bonus or penalty system. A consistent, fair and transparent structure of this system helps the process of dissemination of the key values of the organisation, the maturation and development of its members and the achievement of top performances. Thus, people are starting to understand the concept of performance; they learn about the value of promoting this performance based on fair, honest, objective and quantifiable criteria. Performance management helps them to know themselves better, to know their strengths, and to correct their personal errors if it is the case.