Tuesday, 7th February 2023

Update 3.0 from the Publication Integrity & Ethics

Funding sources and Independence
The Publication Integrity & Ethics is a not-for-profit organisation. All the services it provides are free of charge and will remain so. PIE values its independence above all other considerations and is currently funded solely by its Council Members each of whom are required to declare any conflicts of interest to the Chairman of the Council. Members and adherents will not take part in any activity nor will any funds be accepted where such a conflict is identified.

PIE may seek financial assistance from other sources to help fund its activities and support its work. We will aim however to seek funding from charitable foundations which are not directly related to the publishing sector. We will also accept funding from other organisations or individuals provided these are not directly related to the publishing sector. Funds will be accepted only on an unrestricted basis, meaning that PIE alone determines how those funds will be used.

The Publication Integrity & Ethics Council


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