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Publication Integrity & Ethics (PIE) was developed over a decade ago to address several areas of concern and promote real editorial freedom.Read more.


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PIE Highlights
You are invited to join the Publication Integrity and Ethics as one of its founding members. PIE offers free membership to all interested individuals. Read more.
As an Editor-in-Chief Member you will play a central role in shaping the organisation; you will benefit from the many and varied facilities the P.I.E. Read more.
The Publication Integrity and Ethics intends to publish a special peer-reviewed periodical that will publish short debate articles in science. Read more.



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Affiliate members are the individuals who are involved in the publishing sector but choose not to be registered as official representatives of a journal; they not be official representatives. Students and other persons who have interest in the publishing work may become affiliates. Usually, this category comprises authors, peer-reviewers, editorial board members (not editors-in-chief) and all interested individuals in this field.

Who is eligible for PIE membership?

-    Editors, editorial board members and authors of publications
-    Peer-reviewers and other individuals involved directly or indirectly in the reviewing or publishing process
-    Students and other persons who have interest in the publishing world.

Requirements for PIE affiliated members

-    All members of the Publication Integrity and Ethics agree to comply with the guidelines and the code of conduct.
-    They must act as guardians of the code of ethical editorial conduct and if possible, give training and updates to any other individual involved in the publishing sector.
-    If they are aware of misconduct or breaches in the code of conduct, they must signal them to PIE and if necessary, they should submit complaints to the PIE Sub-Committee.

-    If complaints were submitted against them, members of PIE must comply with the decisions of the Sub-Committee. If necessary, they must publish corrections, retractions or apologies.
-    When a dispute is investigated, both parties must inform PIE on all the aspects of the matter being disputed. They must submit all the documents related to the dispute as well as the correspondence exchanged by the parties.

Subscription to PIE

Membership of PIE is free of charge and available to all eligible individuals stated above. If you have any question or uncertainties about the PIE mission, the membership, the guidelines or the code of conduct, please feel free to contact PIE for any information by using our contact section.

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