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Publication Integrity & Ethics (PIE) was developed over a decade ago to address several areas of concern and promote real editorial freedom.Read more.


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You are invited to join the Publication Integrity and Ethics as one of its founding members. PIE offers free membership to all interested individuals. Read more.
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Although membership for universities, institutes, societies, associations and publishers is not available, P.I.E. supports all these establishments and hope that they choose to follow its guidelines on research integrity and publication ethics. These establishments can select to be PIE adherents, if they wish, and will have full access to P.I.E. and its facilities free of charge.

With the exception of Adherent Publishers, the Publication Integrity & Ethics is unlikely to deal with any complaint from any other adherents, including universities, institutes, societies and associations.

General guidelines for the adherent publishers:

-    They must work together with editors, authors and peer-reviewers in order to constantly improve the quality of the publication.
-    They must respect the editorial independence, research ethics, authorship and integrity as well as the PIE guidelines and the editorial ethical code of conduct.
-    They must constantly ensure there are no conflicts of interest between them and the members of the editorial team or the peer-reviewers.
-    Publishers, like any other individuals directly involved in the publishing sector, must respect the confidentiality of the sources and ensure their consent was obtained prior to publication of sensitive information.
-    If complaints were formulated against them directly or indirectly, through the PIE Council Sub-Committee mediation they must act accordingly and correct the editorial error within reasonable time.
-    While publishers and editorial board members set the directions and the policies of the publication they manage, they are also required to keep the staff under them informed on all the issues that are related to their daily duties and the policy of the journal they write for or manage.
-    They must inform the editorial team of the PIE guidelines and the editorial ethical codes of conduct and encourage their employees to register with PIE and become familiar with the rules of the publishing sector.

-    They must constantly renew and update the publication policies according to the updates and changes in the guidelines as soon as they are published on the PIE website.
-    When complaints are formulated against them or the publication they manage, publishers must ensure that proper corrections, clarifications, retractions or apologies are published as soon as possible.
-    They must ensure that all the material published in their journals are informative, fair and balanced and that they do not misinform the readers or produce any prejudice on individuals whether they are public figures or not.
-    Publishers must ensure that no rumours and unconfirmed reports are published in their journals and that the data presented to the readers is based on honesty and its informative character.
-    As well as the editors and other members of the editorial team, publishers are required to respect and promote personal privacy and seek out personal or sensitive information only when it is in the interest of the public and the journal’s readers.

Contact options for adherent publishers

Publishers are free to write us about any issue or problem they might have as well as for any other information related to their business that is not available online. If you are a publisher, you can write to PIE directly through the contact page.


The Publication Integrity & Ethics has taken all reasonable care to ensure that the pages for members and adherents are accurate. However PIE can take no responsibility for the consequences of error or for any loss or damage suffered by users of any of the information published on any of these pages. If you have a concern about any of our Members (Affiliates and Editors-in-Chief) or Adherents pages, please contact us on

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