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Publication Integrity & Ethics (PIE) was developed over a decade ago to address several areas of concern and promote real editorial freedom.Read more.


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You are invited to join the Publication Integrity and Ethics as one of its founding members. PIE offers free membership to all interested individuals. Read more.
As an Editor-in-Chief Member you will play a central role in shaping the organisation; you will benefit from the many and varied facilities the P.I.E. Read more.
The Publication Integrity and Ethics intends to publish a special peer-reviewed periodical that will publish short debate articles in science. Read more.



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As any other individual whose work is related to the publishing sector, authors may also register with PIE. Full membership is free for all authors and recommended by the organisation.

By becoming full members of PIE, authors assume the responsibility of following the PIE guidelines and comply with the code of ethical editorial conduct. They will also be able to observe the publishing sector closely and signal to the Council Sub-Committee any breaches in the guidelines while taking immediate action against them.

Benefits of PIE membership for the authors

While authors are advised to become members of the PIE organisation free of any costs, the membership gives them several other benefits such as:
-    acknowledgement of the PIE guidelines for ethical editorial conduct and to be informed about changes in the code or any issues related to their work
-    full and free access to all information and the resources available online on the PIE website
-    if they are aware of breaches to the guidelines or they suspect misconduct and other problems related to the publishing sector, they may formulate official complaints and ask for the PIE Council Sub-Committee mediation
-    gaining full and free access to all the updates and newsletters published by PIE that are related to the publishing sector as well as other resources that would be of interest for them such as e-learning packages, case studies and charts
-    maintaining a constant dialogue with the online community
-    being kept informed on everything related to their work
-    having the ability to access the online resources available for training and guidance on the code of conduct and other topics of interest.

Requirements for the authors who are full members of PIE

-    Like all other members of PIE, authors must protect and promote the guidelines and the ethical code of conduct for publishers, editors, authors and peer-reviewers
-    To encourage other authors and individuals whose work is related to the publishing sector to become members of PIE as well and comply with the rules and guidelines stated above.
-    If authors are aware of misconduct or breaches in the code, they must take action and ask the publishers to instigate proper corrections as soon as possible.
-    If the publishers or editors fail to correct the errors signalled by authors and other members of PIE, official complaints should be formulated requesting investigation from the PIE Council Sub-Committee and mediation on the matter.
-    As members of PIE, authors who formulate complaints against other authors, peer-reviewers, editors or publishers must comply with the Council Sub-Committee decisions on the matter.

PIE Subscription for authors

Membership of PIE is free of charge and available to all editorial staff, including authors. If you are an author and you need more information on the guidelines, the code of conduct or other resources available in the site, please feel free to write to PIE via the contact page.


The Publication Integrity & Ethics has taken all reasonable care to ensure that the pages for members and adherents are accurate. However PIE can take no responsibility for the consequences of error or for any loss or damage suffered by users of any of the information published on any of these pages. If you have a concern about any of our Members (Affiliates and Editors-in-Chief) or Adherents pages, please contact us on

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