Tuesday, 23rd April 2024

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The acknowledgment section should be different from the authorship list of an article, research paper or other published materials. Usually, the contributors who do not qualify for authorship or do not meet the criteria for the authorship will be listed in the acknowledgment section. For example, acknowledgment could be given for the individuals who provided technical help, whether the help was with the content of the paper or the writing of it.

The authors should also disclose the identity of all the individuals who assisted them in the creation of the article or the research paper. If there was material or financial support, the author should acknowledge it too.

If the paper was based on a clinical investigation or clinical trial, the groups that contributed materially to the research but do not qualify as authors, must also be listed in the acknowledgement section as contributors, investigators, advisors and so on; however, this is only if these individuals give the authors written permission to be acknowledged in the specific section of the published paper.

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