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Authorship refers to the act or the occupation of writing or the source of origin of a book, article or an idea. The author is therefore the individual or the group of individuals who intellectually contributed to a published study, article or book.

Important facts about authorship

-    In the same way the editor is responsible for the publication, the author must take responsibility on everything he or she wrote.
-    To be credited as an author, an individual has to have made a substantial contribution to the article, drafting it or revising it critically for important content.
-    In case the work was conducted by a large group of authors and contributors, only the individuals who accept the responsibility for the manuscript will meet the criteria for authorship.
-    All individuals who qualify for authorship must be listed as authors and each author should have a significant contribution to the work in order to be listed as such.
-    Contributors who do not meet the criteria for authorship must be listed in the acknowledgment section.

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