Tuesday, 23rd April 2024

Publication Integrity & Ethics (PIE) was developed over a decade ago to address several areas of concern and promote real editorial freedom.Read more.




No journal will be able to achieve credibility among their readers without editorial autonomy and freedom from any interference in editorial decisions. Therefore, journal owners, publishers and members of the board should not interfere in the selection, editing, evaluation or the research of articles published within the pages of their journals; they must create an ethical and correct editorial environment that will never exert influence upon the editorial staff decisions.

Editors must support the concept of editorial freedom and give constant training and guidance to the staff under them in order to achieve the best working environment. They must protect their authors and peer reviewers and signal any transgressions as soon as they are aware of such breaches. PIE and its Council will protect the editorial freedom by giving guidance to all the individuals involved in the publishing sector.

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