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Publication Integrity & Ethics (PIE) was developed over a decade ago to address several areas of concern and promote real editorial freedom.Read more.






This section provides all our members, (affiliates,  editors-in-chief) and adherents a full set of online exercises designed to help authors, editors-in-chief, editors, reviewers, publishers and other members of the editorial staff understand the main concepts of the publication ethics and ideals; they can also learn about the possible scenarios that may occur during their editorial work, whether they are confronted with complaints against them or they become aware of breaches outside of their duty.

We encourage all new members to take the resources available on this section seriously and complete the exercises before making a complaint against other members or non-members, adherents or non-adherents in case they are aware of breaches in the code or suspect acts of misconduct.

These carefully selected exercises are similar to an e-learning course that will help all individuals improve their understanding in publication ethics. They may be considered as a great source of knowledge and the most powerful tools needed to address the many issues the editorial staff face when editing a journal. All exercises offer multiple choices answers, are easy to comprehend even by those who are not familiar with the editorial work and offer a great way of understanding not only the code of conduct and the guidelines but the means to handle disputes and breaches in the code as well.

Moreover, the Publication Integrity and Ethics gives to all members and adherents free access to the e-learning exercises. You can choose which exercises are suitable for you or your editorial staff and which of them are incompatible with the line of the journal, hence selecting only those who are relevant. The exercises however will not lead to a formal qualification or certification; however they will help PIE members and adherents understand what is expected from them and what is not. All the exercises will be reviewed and updated periodically and PIE welcomes any feedback given by members and adherents of the organisation.

Sample exercise 1 (Download image)
Sample exercise 2 (Download image)
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Sample exercise 4 (Download image)
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