Excerpt from the P.I.E. Guidelines for Authors 1

•    All published material must be scrutinised under strict quality guidelines by the author, ensuring the integrity and standard of the work is consistent throughout.

•    Information included in the final, published version should be free from bias, data manipulation, and deliberate misinformation, having been sourced in an ethical and legal manner by the author.

•    The author should be free and independent from outside influence including financial, political, or ideological agents.

•    No author should falsely claim ownership of another’s written or intellectual property; detailed citations for any referenced or quoted work should be provided.

•    Financial contributions, as well as written contributions from other authors, should be freely and transparently disclosed and referenced.

•    Authors should take responsibility for their published work and therefore ensure that everything contained within it is, to the best of their knowledge, correct.

•    Any promotional activities should be an accurate representation of the content that is being published.

•    Arguments about contribution criteria and issues of misconduct are the most common; the PIE is able to act in arbitration role for a successful outcome should such a disagreement take place.

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