Tuesday, 7th February 2023

Welcome to the P.I.E. (launched 14th Nov 2013). This is a not-for-profit organisation promoting integrity and ethics in the publishing sector through its guidelines and code of conduct


The primary aim of PIE is to create a better ethical environment within the publishing industry; this will be achieved through the PIE guidelines and code of conduct for editors, authors, reviewers and publishers setting out the high standards expected for robust and ethical editorial behaviour.

Whilst PIE promotes and encourages editorial freedom, it also ensures that this freedom is not violated by editorial misconduct and plagiarism. PIE ascertains that if misconduct is signalled, editors, editorial staff and the plaintiffs are fairly represented and treated with respect. They should adhere to the PIE best practice, as stated in the PIE guidelines and follow the ethical code of conduct.

International collaboration is to be encouraged in a harmonious equipoise of trust and integrity. PIE will provide a forum for exchange of ideas and experience, whilst helping to develop networks that will facilitate the healthy spread of its guidelines and code of conduct to the world.

Publication Integrity & Ethics Council


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