Tuesday, 7th February 2023

Update 2.0 from the Publication Integrity & Ethics


Accuracy of P.I.E. Members and Adherents pages
The Publication Integrity & Ethics has taken all reasonable care to ensure that the pages for its members and adherents are accurate. However, P.I.E. can take no responsibility for the consequences of error or for any loss or damage suffered by users of any of the information published on any of these pages. If you have a concern about any of our Members (Affiliates and Editors-in-Chief) or Adherents pages, please contact us on office@integrity-ethics.org.

Journal links on the P.I.E Affiliates pages
The presence of links to journals on the P.I.E. Affiliates’ pages does not necessary mean that these journals have been approved by the Publication Integrity & Ethics nor considered to be P.I.E. journals. The list of P.I.E. journals can be reviewed using the P.I.E. Editors-in-Chief Directory or the P.I.E. Journals Directory.

Concern about a P.I.E. Journal or a journal linked to a P.I.E. Affiliate’s page
If the Publication Integrity & Ethics (P.I.E.) is concerned about the ethical practices of a certain journal, then the journal membership (along with the EiC membership) will be immediately revoked. If the journal is only listed on the P.I.E. Affiliate’s personal page, then the link will be removed in case of concern.
Furthermore, if there was a serious concern about a certain publisher’s ethical practices, then the Publication Integrity & Ethics may choose to revoke the membership of the publisher’s entire fleet of journals. However, this is rare and will have to be approved by the P.I.E. Council.

P.I.E.-approved courses, diplomas and advanced diplomas

The PIE Council Sub-Committee for Education will continue to monitor the progress of these approved courses and seek feedback from the candidates. The Sub-Committee will issue an annual report regarding these courses and provide feedback to the organisers. The Sub-Committee will recommend the removal of the course from the PIE’s list if the organisation (in charge of the course) has failed to comply with the Sub-Committee’s recommendations.

The Publication Integrity & Ethics Council


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