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ISSN:1792 -8036
Primary field:Engineering
Publisher:Engineering, Technology & Applied Science Research
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Aims & Scope

The Engineering, Technology and Applied Science Research (ETASR) journal is an open access, peer-reviewed, wide scope journal comprising various diverse aspects of science application, technology and engineering. The main aim of the ETASR journal is to provide fast publication to scientists, researchers and engineers from both academia and industry, that wish to communicate recent developments and applications in their field. ETASR publishes mainly technical papers that should contain new theoretical and/or test results. The journal will also consider for publication review articles, tutorials, communications, perspectives and correspondence concerning views and information about papers published in previous issues. The journal publishes original papers in various fields of Applied Science, Technology and Engineering that cover, but are not limited to, the following areas: Electrical Engineering, Power Engineering, Automation and Control, Measurement and Metrology, Signal Processing and Telecommunications, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology and Informatics, Data Engineering and Software Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics.
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