Tuesday, 21st March 2023

Publication Integrity & Ethics (PIE) was developed over a decade ago to address several areas of concern and promote real editorial freedom.Read more.


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You are invited to join the Publication Integrity and Ethics as one of its founding members. PIE offers free membership to all interested individuals. Read more.
As an Editor-in-Chief Member you will play a central role in shaping the organisation; you will benefit from the many and varied facilities the P.I.E. Read more.
The Publication Integrity and Ethics intends to publish a special peer-reviewed periodical that will publish short debate articles in science. Read more.




Similarities v plagiarism: is there a margin for debate? - - - [Access page]

The cost of research: are academics paying the price? - - - [Access page]

Balancing university teaching with research - what is the challenge? - - - [Access page]

Student numbers soar - and staff levels fall - - - [Access page]

Educating women in the third world: what is the socio-economic impact? - - - [Access page]

HIFA2015: to achieve goals – more support is required - - - [Access page]

Tony Blair: False information and war - - - [Access page]

Google...Can we trust Google? Especially when they allowed the defamation ... the Freedom of Speech Act - - - [Access page]

Anonymous bloggers causing defamation, harassment, bullying and other illegal activities ... stop them? - - - [Access page]

GlaxoSmithKline faces criminal investigation for allegations of bribery...are large enterprises untouchable? - - - [Access page]

Are Whistleblowers being treated fairly? - - - [Access page]

Extremism and brainwashing kids at school: A crime against humanity? - - - [Access page]

Ashya King: lessons to be learned - - - [Access page]

Ebola death toll: are we doing enough? - - - [Access page]

Climate change: an urgent need to act - - - [Access page]

Facebook’s psychological study: an ethical dilemma - - - [Access page]

Stem cell breakthrough for Parkinson’s disease - - - [Access page]

The death of 43 missing Mexican students - - - [Access page]

Human trafficking: 36 million victims - - - [Access page]

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