Tuesday, 7th February 2023

Publication Integrity & Ethics (PIE) was developed over a decade ago to address several areas of concern and promote real editorial freedom.Read more.




  These courses are related to the integrity and ethics in publication, research, law and medical ethics, research governance, good ethical practice and management. The course title, description...

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  While the organisation promotes its own set of rules, if the main PIE guidelines are considered to be rigid and hard to comprehend, PIE provides a set of simplified code of conduct regulations...

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  Membership of PIE is free of charge and it is available for editors-in-chief, editors, authors and peer-reviewers. Furthermore, any editor-in-chief that signs up with PIE certifies that their journal...

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  The primary aim of PIE is to create a better ethical environment within the publishing industry; this will be achieved through the PIE guidelines and code of conduct for editors, authors, reviewers...

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